William John Mills Lodge No 9845




Lodge Secretary: Bro Jim French KOM


Lodge Meets: Severn View Social Club, Station Road, Caldicot, Monmouthshire. NP26 4BU

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Welcome to the new pages of the William John Mills Lodge 9845





Bro George Mervyn Roberts ROH HM

Bro Mervyn was presented with his HM by the Grand Primo 2013 bro Tony Allen ROH


The WP of the lodge bro Dave Jaffery's ROH presenting a cheque for £1000 to "Orchid" GP Appeal to the Grand Primo Bro Tony Allen



The lodge opened on the 8th June 1972 at the Haywain, Caldicot, where more than 100 members crammed into the lodge room for the opening of the lodge, the founders were bro's W J Mills KOM, Bro Haines, Bro Waters and Bro Hicks. The lodge very soon found that the room in the Haywain was changing use and the lodge were forced to move to the Pill House, where numbers dropped very quickly, the public house being well out of the town centre area, the lodge then moved to the Deep Weir Motel, before moving to the Good Measure Inn, where it stayed for several years and prospered, again a a change of management and change of use for the lodge room, the lodge them moved to the Caldicot AFC, then back to the Haywain for a short while, the lodge then found a home in the Tippling Philosopher where it was settled for a few years, again a change of ownership, the lodge moved on to the Severn View Social club, where is it still  meets today. The lodge had 4 of it's members all pass the examining council within the 6 month rule and were then raised to the 2nd degree in December 1972, over the following years all but one left the lodge.

In 1997 the lodge celebrated 25 years, with all the normal celebrations being suggested, all except one being put to the side, and so a week in Malta it was, that being a roaring success, in 1998 two weeks in Majorca and ever since not only a dinner to celebrate the lodge opening but at least one weekend away every year. In 2012 the lodge are celebrating their 40th anniversary and will be holding a special meeting on Friday 8th June at the Severn View Social Club, which is exactly 40 years to the day the lodge opened.

Since the lodge began to have members reaching the dizzy heights of Provincial Grand Primo, the lodge has raised many thousands for both local and national charities, where the lodge members have spent many a long day at the May day spectatular's, Caldicot carnival day as well as the Chepstow carnival and Chepstow hospital fete's, with such worthy recipients as "Mencap", " St Davids Foundation", Chepstow Hospitals, " Cancer Research UK & Wales", " Gwent Deaf Childrens society", plus many other good causes.

The lodge in December 2010 welcomed their first member to achieve  an office at Grand Lodge level, the members are very proud that Bro Ric Reid ROH was elected Grand Alderman of Juniper 2011, hopefully it will not have to wait another 38 years to have the achievement repeated.

The lodge celebrated it's 40th year, with an induction of Bro Matthew Delap, the night was made more special to brother Matthew with the Grand Primo Bro Alan Egan ROH being present and then presenting his primo's emblem and parchment, this was followed with a presentation of a primo's sash from his father, a special night indeed for bro Matthew.

The lodge had for some time bee discussing ways to create a lasting memorial for 2 members who passed away during 2011, so to commemorate the work done by bro's William John  Mills ROH and bro Wynne Lewis ROH, the lodge decided to create a memorial fund to be titled the Wynne Lewis Memorial fund, thus giving the lodge a way to ensure that the name of bro Wynne will be remembered long after his passing, the lodge further decided to make application to Grand Lodge to change the name of the lodge to the "William John Mills lodge No 9845", this was granted by the September meeting of Grand Lodge in session, two lasting tributes have now been created to remember 2 members of the lodge who dedicated their lives to the order and in particular the lodge.

Raising: Bro Matthew Delap CP and the members of the lodge wish to express their thanks to all the visitors who attended the 2nd degree induction of Bro Matthew on Friday 8th June. With special thanks to Bro's Alan Egan ROH Grand Primo, Tony Allen ROH Deputy Grand Primo, plus all the members from Llanelli, Merthyr, Aberdare, Rhondda, Hereford and not forgetting the Grand Lodge officers from South Pembrokeshire, Gloucestershire, Llanelli and Cardiff.

December 2012: At the meeting of Grand Lodge in Llantrisant the lodge were delighted that bro Richard (Ric) Reid had been successful in being elected to the GLMC.

Raising: Bro Nathan Reeks CP and the members wish to express their thanks to all the members who attended the induction to the second degree of bro Nathan on Friday 4th January 2013, the ceremony was carried out by the Grand Primo Bro Tony Allen ROH, who accompanied by the Grand Tyler bro Pete Spence ROH, also in attendance were Bro's D Moses ROH Grand Primo 2007, A Patel ROH GP 1999, Bro R Reid GAJ 2011, Bro P Seabrook ROH GAJ 2008,  Bro JJ Martingdale ROH GCH 2006, Bro W Mott ROH GMin 2001, Bro S Bagley GTy 1996, plus a host of other members from Post Talbot, Rhondda Valley, Coventry, Gloucestershire, Dudley and Worcestershire.

It only seems like yesterday when the above was typed in, now in 2016 we are looking forward to the Installation to the 3rd degree of Bro Nathan, the ceremony to be conducted by the Grand Primo bro Ray Attwood ROH.

Time waits for no man, and over the last 3 years so much seems to have happened, dinners, presentations, members getting elected to high offices, alas no initiations, the lodge are looking forward to a good year.

The installation of bro Nathan took place with a good number of members present, including GL officers. Thanks to all that attended.







Grand Lodge Officers


Grand Alderman of Juniper 2011                                                               Bro Richard J Reid ROH

Grand Registrar 2014                                                                           Bro Anthony C Moise ROH


Provincial Grand Primo's

Bro Ronald W Beer KOM 1983
Bro George M Roberts ROH 1984
Bro Wynne Lewis ROH 1989
Bro Richard J Reid ROH 1994
Bro Jack Warren ROH 1999
Bro Anthony C Moise ROH 2007
Bro D Jeffery's ROH 2009
Bro Jeremy Allen KOM 2010
Bro Wynne Lewis ROH 2011
Bro George Mervyn Roberts ROH 2013
Bro Dave Jeffery's ROH 2015
Bro Jim French KOM 2016
Bro Richard Reid ROH                

Knight Presidents

Bro George Mervyn Roberts ROH 1982
Bro Ronald William Beer KOM 1983
Bro Edgar M Topping KOM 1984
Bro F Kemble KOM 1985
Bro E Samuel KOM 1986
Bro R J Reid KOM 1987
Bro J Harris KOM 1990
Bro W Lewis ROH 1992
Bro J Warren ROH 1993
Bro R J Reid ROH 2007
Bro J Harris ROH 2008
Bro A Moise ROH 2009
Bro J Allen KOM 2011
Bro G M Roberts ROH 2012
Bro James French KOM                                                      
Bro Richard J Reid ROH


ROH Presidents

Bro G M Roberts ROH 1986
Bro E Samuel ROH 1988
Bro W Lewis ROH 1991
Bro R J Reid ROH 1994
Bro W J Mills ROH 1995
Bro W J Mills ROH 2003
Bro G M Roberts 2005
Bro A C Moise ROH 2006
Bro R J Reid ROH 2009
Bro R J Reid ROH 2010
Bro D A Jeffery's ROH 2011
Bro George M Roberts ROH
Bro A C Moise ROH 2016
Bro Richard J Reid ROH 2017




Lodge Secretaries

Bro John A Jones KOM 1972 - 1974
Bro George Mervyn Roberts KOM
1975 - 1978
Bro Richard J Reid CP 1979 - 1994
Bro Stephen Partridge KOM 1995 - 1996
Bro Jack Warren ROH 1996 - 2004
Bro Richard J Reid ROH 2004 - 2010
Bro John Harris ROH 2010 - 2011
Bro Nathan J Reeks CP
2011 - 2013
Bro J French KOM

Those attend the Grand Lodge Above

Bro Jack Warren ROH

Bro Jack Mills ROH

Bro Wynne Lewis ROH

Bro Graham Stevens

Bro Steve Partridge KOM

Bro Alex O'Gara ROH

Bro Tom Stephens ROH

Bro Em Samuel ROH

Bro Mac Topping ROH

Bro John Jones KOM

Bro John Hooper KOM



Photo Album

Bro Wendel Hinds ROH & Bro Tony Allen ROH Deputy Grand Primo

Bro Colin Young ROH & Mrs Jenny Young with Mrs Dench Snr