Knights Chapter No 50


Severn View Social Club

Station Road, Caldicot, Monmouthshire. NP26 4BU

2nd Wednesday 19:00

Knight Secretary: Bro D Jeffery's ROH


2017 Officers


Knight President Bro Richard J Reid ROH

Knight V President Bro John P Harris ROH

Knight Director of Ceremonies Bro Anthony C Moise ROH

Knight Guard Bro Mike Mason ROH

Knight Registrar Bro G M Roberts ROH

Knight Constable Bro N J Reeks KOM

Knight Bearer of Peace Bro R A Waller ROH

Knight Bearer of the Jewel Bro J Evans ROH

Knight Troubador Bro
Knight Waiter Bro
Knight Secretary Bro David Jeffery's ROH

Knight Treasurer Bro G M Roberts ROH
Knight Trustee Bro A C Moise ROH
Bro J Evans ROH

Knight Almoner Bro James French KOM


2017 Centenary Year


The Knights Chapter will be holding a centenary year meeting, following a celebration dinner, the dinner will take place on Friday 21st July 2017, the centenary meeting will take place on Saturday 22nd July at the Severn View Social club, Caldicot, NP26 4BU.

All knights chapters are cordially invited to attend this special meeting.



Any member wishing to attend the special centenary celebration dinner should email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it asking for details,  which will be emailed back to you as soon as finalised, this includes a special menu for the evening.


Special Meeting


The meeting will be opened by the knight president at 7.00pm, visitors will be welcome at any time, visiting Knights chapters will be welcomed, with the meeting closing no later than 8.15pm, ladies and guests will be made welcome, with a hot/cold buffet served after the first part of the entertainment, with a draw after part 2.

There is no cost for the entry to the show, it is hoped that guests will support the draw, with a chance to win some good prizes.






The Monmouthshire Knights Chapter was granted it's charter on 17th July 1917, at that point in time there were well over 40 lodges operating in the province. Little is recorded until the  1970's where we can trace the secretaries, presidents and the meeting places.

The knights chapter in the mid 1970's had very little support, no known reason for this is known, could be the members were already attending so many other meetings, in 1976 it had a group of new members from Caldicot join it's ranks, and the Chapter again became a strong meeting once again.

The secretary bro Leonard C Lewis ROH GAB 1976, had been the secretary for several years decided to retire from the position, this was filled by bro Peter Kinsella, who was tragically killed in a road accident, at this point the Chapter were meeting in the Ivy Bush, Newport, then due to a change in landlord the chapter moved to the Sir Douglas Haig Club in Rogerstone, where it met for some years before the club closed, moving then to the Jolly Roger, and with re-opening of the club as the Redwood Club, the Chapter moved back into the club, there it stayed until the club closed, moving to the Severn View Club, Caldicot in 2008.

In 2017 the chapter will be celebrating 100 years, and on Saturday 22nd July, there will be a special meeting to celebrate this, ALL knights are invited to help celebrate this occassion, please contact the secretary for details, unfortunately the Grand Primo would not attend.



Previous Presidents



2016 Bro Jim French KOM William  J Mills
2014 Bro John Evans ROH Sir Herbert Kitchener
2013 Bro Richard Waller ROH Sir Douglas Haig
2012 Bro George M Roberts ROH William John Mills Lodge
2011 Bro Jerry Allen KOM Swan Lodge
2010 Bro Michael Mason KOM Sir Herbert Kitchener Lodge
2009 Bro Anthony Moise ROH Sir Douglas Haig
2008 Bro John P Harris ROH Swan Lodge
2007 Bro Richard J Reid ROH Swan Lodge
2006 unknown
2005 unknown
2004 unknown
2003 unknown
2002 unknown
2001 unknown
2000 unknown
1999 unknown
1998 unknown
1997 unknown
1996 unknown
1995 unknown
1994 unknown
1993 Bro Jack Warren ROH Swan Lodge
1992 Bro Wynne Lewis ROH Swan Lodge
1991 unknown
1990 Bro John Harris ROH Swan Lodge
1989 unknown
1988 Bro Donald G Maddox KOM     
Kimberley Park Lodge
1987 Bro Richard J Reid ROH Swan Lodge
1986 Bro Emlyn Samuel ROH Swan Lodge
1985 Bro Fred Kemble ROH Swan Lodge
1984 Bro Edgar M Topping ROH Swan Lodge
1983 Bro Ronald W Beer ROH Swan Lodge
1982 Bro George M Roberts ROH Swan Lodge                         

I would be grateful if any member can assist by filling in the missing years This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it