Roll of Honour Assembly No 40


Conservative Club

Maryport Street

Usk, Monmouthshire.

Secretary: Bro J Evans ROH


3rd Wednesday Monthly 7.15pm



The ROH Assembly No 40, began life on 10th August 1949, since it's conception it has been forced into moving meeting places several times, a sign of the times with many meeting places closing and rooms becoming a rarity. Over the years it has seen many a fine president and officer's, up to 2007, held a dinner for the officers almost every year, when some memorable nights were witnessed.

Like all other groups the ROH Ass has suffered through loss of members, nothing can stop the roll of time, 2014 seen a couple of new members join the assembly, and January 2015 it was decided that the meetings would once again be monthly, hopefully a move in the right direction and a new begining.



Officers for 2017


ROH President Bro Richard J Reid ROH
ROH Vice President Bro David Jefferys ROH
ROH Director of Ceremonies Bro Anthony C Moise ROH
ROH Guard Bro Michael Mason ROH
ROH Registrar Bro George M Roberts ROH
ROH Constable Bro Stanley Price ROH
ROH Bearer of the Insiginia of Peace Bro
ROH Bearer of the Jewel Bro
ROH Troubador Bro
ROH Waiter Bro
ROH Secretary Bro John Evans ROH
ROH Treasurer Bro Richard J Reid ROH GAJ 2011
ROH Trustee Bro A C Moise ROH G Reg 2014
ROH Trustee Bro
ROH Almoner Bro David Jeffery's ROH