Lion Lodge No 2316

meets at

Severn View Social Club, Station Road, Caldicot, Monmouthshire. NP26 4BU


Lodge Secretary

Bro Richard J Reid ROH

Tel: (01291) 424790

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The Lion lodge opened ion 5th February 1918, when Bro's Watkins CP, Kammett KOM PGP, Thomas KOM and Warren KOM were granted a dispensation, the lodge met in the main area of Newport, the exact location is unknown.

Though in 1958, it was reported that one of their number had been elected as Grand Alderman of Benvolence, bro Mostyn T J Gale ROH, went on to be Deputy Grand Primo 1976 and Grand Primo in 1977. A chairman of the South wales Committee for a very long period, prior to the committee changing it's chairman every year.

Though the lodge re-opened in June 2009, it had been open over 90 years, it was due the sudden passing of the secretary in December 2008 and no other member able to carry out the duties of secretary that the lodge did close for 6 months.

The previous secretary took ill while in office and could no longer attend, this brought the attending number to a level that the lodge could no longer function, then with the passing of the new secretary, the members called it a day.

June 10th 2009, the lodge re-opened with 15 + members in attendance, with the new secretary, trustee's and treasurer all appointed it was decided to meet on a monthly level, the lodge since then have contributed to a high level of appeals, in particular the Grand lodge appeals, where the lodge finish high up in the tables for contributions to the funds of GL.

April 2013: The lodge welcomes the first initiation in a number of years, the ceremony being carried out by the WP Bro A Moise ROH, bro Hywel Lloyd was welcomed into the lodge by all members.

February 2016: The lodge have been doing what lodges do, supporting local and national charitable causes, with donations going to Debra, Orchid, Kids, Ty Hafen, The Ours Fund, along with the local items. The secretary Bro Mervyn decided that he wanted to retire from the position, so it was with sadness the lodge agreed to accept his resignation and elect a new secretary, so bro R Reid ROH assumed the duties as from February 2016.

August we accepted 2 affiliation forms, and they were made members of the lodge.

The lodge are now beginning to plan a celebration to mark the 100th year of the Lion Lodge, if there are any old member out there that want details, please contact the secretary.