Sir Herbert Kitchener lodge No 504


Lodge Meets

7.30pm 3rd Thursday Monthly

Conservative Club

Maryport St, Usk, Monmouthshire. NP15 1AE


Lodge Secretary

Bro John  Evans R.O.H. PGP


The Sir Herbert Kitchener lodge is the oldest surviving lodge in the province, having been around since before 1900. The lodge recently lost its longest serving member, bro Charles Leroye R.O.H, who sadly passed  away and was laid to rest in May 2012. Bro Charles was the longest ever serving lodge secretary, so long that no one knew any other secretary of the lodge.

The lodge having recently moved to the Conservative club, are looking forward to a long and happy times in the club, with the PGL also moving into the club.


The lodge would like to thanks all those members who managed to attend the raising of brother Shaun, one proud dad, one proud brother


Friday 15th July saw the induction to the 2nd degree of bro Andrew Davies, the ceremony was carried out by the IP PGP bro D Jeffery's, which worked out well as he also initiated bro Andrew in April 2015, now the lodge and province have a new CP.